SEO isn’t something that you do once and forget. The front page of Google™ has limited SEO St Helensspaces available. Do a search for your most key search term and look at the sheer number of results. Everyone of those results belong to a company or organisation who all desire their website to be on page one of the Google™ results.

There is no finish line in SEO

Website SEO is like the research department of a cutting edge technology company. Imagine that Intel were still making old processors from the 1990s, How slow would our computing experience be then? More importantly, do you think Intel would still be a market leader?  Search Engine Optimisation is something that is becoming more and more popular as companies the world over realise that online search technology is the key to success. Gone are the days when a prominent advertisement in the Yellow pages would secure enough business enquiries for the year. Understanding the need for an SEO strategy is crucial to anybody who relies on the internet to generate enquiries and new business.

SEO is an ongoing process

SEO should be considered an integral part of any business that has a website. Without continued SEO the website will simply become out of date and uncompetitive. F1 teams invest millions in research, they continually develop new engines, innovative aerodynamic changes, tyre compounds, and a myriad other changes, all small and all geared towards winning the next season. Without this continual improvement this years winning team may well be at the back of the grid next year.

The same is true of SEO. A website needs to be continually tweaked not just as search terms change but also because every website has competition and a lot of the competition will be wanting that front page slot. Content will need to be altered, amended, added to. Titles and descriptions will need refining and changing, Links and social media will need monitoring. SEO isn’t a science, its an art. Its about guessing what changes carry weight with the search engines, There are no hard and fast rules or for that matter any guarantees.

Ongoing Website SEO isn’t an option, it’s a must.

The major search engines continually tweak their algorithms, they do this in order to try to close loopholes. The search engines have one goal and that is to deliver the most relevant content possible. They never publish how their algorithms work, they often drop hints as to what they do and don’t take into account but the rest is a guessing game. SEO experts tend to be ahead of the game. Give us all the same website to optimise with SEO techniques and we would all do it differently. You’d see a pattern, You would see similar edits and changes but because SEO is an art not an exact science then you would see differences with every SEO experts work. SEO experts tend to spend an awful lot of time searching and monitoring websites on which they have worked. They gauge small changes and record any movement in search results placings. Sometimes through analysis they hit on another accidental breakthrough and this gets added to their arsenal of SEO weapons. It’s for this reason alone that you cannot simply do SEO in house. I’ve often seen SEO attempts by Graphic Designers or IT specialists. No disrespect to these professions but SEO is time consuming, it’s specialist, There are days when SEO specialists do nothing at all but search and look and learn. Graphic Designers and IT specialists simply don’t have the time to dedicate to learning and experimenting with SEO.

Can I afford Monthly SEO for my website?

Monthly SEO isn’t usually expensive depending on the size of the website and the area in which your target market aims at. I work for a few companies who only have SEO to target St Helens, I have a few others who target the North West with their SEO efforts and others the whole of the UK.

SEO for these clients differ depending on the number of pages that their website has and the level of competition in the market in which they operate. Once the website has had the first SEO edit, When the structure is right, the content is right and all the other back end bits are right then SEO is more like the Formula One development that I spoke of earlier. It’s usually much less per month than a local advertisement would be and usually more effective at producing results.

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