website seo for local searchWebsite SEO is a must if your website targets a local area. Search Engine Optimisation is much easier on a local level for the simple reason that there is less competition.

To give you an example, a search for “Website SEO” Brings up 440 million search results whereas a local search for “Website SEO Merseyside” brings up only 550 thousand results. I say only, lets be honest that’s still an awful lot of websites all wanting to get one of the ten available slots on page one of the search results.

There is nothing terribly different that needs to be done when performing SEO services for a local search compared to a national search. The focus is still on providing the most relevant information possible to the search term that has been entered into the search engine. One thing you can do and which is completely free is to register your local business at Google Places. This is just the start however but none the less an important part of local Website SEO.

Local Website SEO

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I have references available from local businesses who are on page one, usually at the top, for all their chosen search terms.

Q. What exactly is SEO?

A. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it’s an inexact science, a lot of common sense and a strict understanding of Googles aims which you’ll hear me repeat many times on this website and that is “to provide the most relevant search results”. SEO is a huge and in depth subject matter but in a nutshell it is fine tuning many parts of a website to ensure that the pages of a website are made relevant to chosen search terms so that the website appears high up in the search results.

Q. How much does Local SEO cost?

A. Much less than you think. See SEO COSTS

Q. Can I target more than one town with website SEO?

A. Yes of course, with SEO and relevant website content you can target specific towns and areas but you aren’t limited to the number.

Q. Is Website SEO a one time thing?

A. You’ll see an immediate and dramatic improvement with an initial Website SEO edit but bear in mind that depending on the competition you have you can have anything from 10,000 to a million other websites competing for that first page position. For more information read this article about ongoing SEO . Have a browse around my website. You’ll find lots of information about website SEO, If you feel like your business can benefit then please get in touch using the black “contact” button, I’ll be happy to take a look at your website and make recommendations. I’ll also provide you with some real examples of search terms on some of the websites that I’ve optimised and let you see for yourself how they are on page one of the search results.


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