Matt Cutts for a dayThe idea to be Matt Cutts for a day was the brainchild of SEO guru and all round decent guy Terry Simmonds, The idea was that a group of us change our Google profile photos and publish a post about being Matt Cutts for just one day.

Who is Matt Cutts?

Matt is the head of webspam at Google, that doesn’t mean he produces spam, rather he fights it or attempts to with the overall goal of delivering relevant and therefore quality search results. I’m sure Matt will see the funny side of this as he has proven in the past that he does have a sense of humour. It’s a harmless prank and given the date that it’s taking place then I’m confident that it’ll raise a smile.

So if you do a search later this evening for Matt Cutts For A Day, you should see a page full of similar posts in the search results.

Fingers Crossed!